You'll taste a little of everything Brazilians love:

from tropical fruits, to bar foods to Brazilian snacks, candies as well as Brazilian side dishes and exotic tropical fruits.


Every sip and bite, explained.

Where we'll go
4 places
  • We'll taste 18 items in our culinary studio
  • We'll head to a Brazilian juice bar and explore tropical fruits
  • We'll visit a Brazilian bakery and try a few uniquely Brazilian baked goods
  • We'll end our tour tasting Brazilian bar foods and drinks
What you'll taste
33 food and drink items
  • 3 cuts of meat
  • 5 fruits and tropical fruit juices
  • 4 street foods
  • 4 packaged snacks
  • 3 bakery items
  • 4 candies
  • 5 alcoholic drinks
  • 5 bar foods

What you'll try

Doce de Leite
Licor de Jambu
Suco de Acerola
Romeu e Julieta Doce
Suco de Caju
Suco de Graviola
Atemoia Fruta
Bala de Tamarindo
Biscoito Globo
Bolinho de Aipim com Carne Seca
Caipirinha de Limao
Caipirinha de Maracuja
Caldinho de Feijão
Coxinha de Frango
Croquete de Carne
Cupim Assado
Dadinho de Tapioca
Kibe de Carne
Queijo Canastra Meia Cura
Ovo de Codorna
Pão de Queijo
Pastel de Carne
Pastel de Queijo
Pé de Moleque
Esfiha de Carne Fechada
Ovinho de Amendoim
Guarana Antarctica
Pipoca de Canjica
Jambu Licor
Suco de Goiaba

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"Wonderful experience, the food and juices were delicious, and the host Cristiano was friendly and welcoming and extremely knowledgeable about traditional Brazilian cuisine. It is also a lovely way to meet new people and enjoy the amazing food and drinks of Brazil in good company! I would highly recommend it."

Orlagh (read review here)

"This was a wonderful experience. I had also participated in the cooking in rio class and both were well organized. I got to try foods I would have otherwise not even known about had I not been part of this guided tasting. I highly recommend this if you are interested in learning about Brazilian cuisine and want a complete experience."

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fruit tasting tour in rio de janeiro fruit tasting tour in rio de janeiro

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Food is not just a means of sustenance; it is a celebration of life, a form of art, and an expression of love.

- Maya Angelou

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fruit tasting tour in rio de janeiro
fruit tasting tour in rio de janeiro

Eating food together is a way of expressing the deepest human values, such as love, care, and respect for others.

- David Katz

Eating out is common.
Cooking in Rio is a memory.