The funnest way to explore Brazilian culture

Discover the vibrant heart of Brazil not through its streets, but its flavors!

Dive into a unique half-day cooking class in Rio de Janeiro, tailored for the adventurous traveler.

Master nine authentic Brazilian recipes and savor caipirinha cocktails, all while immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of our culture.

Come cook and drink with a Carioca chef!

An experience of kitchen fun might be the highlight of your Rio trip.

The best meal in Rio will be the one you made

This isn't just a class — it's an experience. Laugh, learn, and sip cocktails in a lively kitchen setting, surrounded by the rhythms and aromas of Brazil.

Move beyond the restaurant scene and truly taste the soul of Rio. Join us for an unforgettable culinary journey!

We have two menus for you to choose from:

3.5-Hour Moqueca cooking classes at 7pm on Mon and Thu. Picanha steak classes at 12pm noon on Tue, Fri and Sat.

Feature 1
Picanha Steak

Make Brazil's favorite cut of meat, with all the trimmings.

Feature 2
Fish Moqueca

Brazil's tastiest fish stew

You'll also learn these recipes, in either class:

Feature 1

Unlimited! All you care to make and drink!.

Feature 2
Cassava sticks

Tastier than french fries

Feature 3
Butter manioc

Great with steak

Feature 1
Okra sticks

Fun, ideal for finger food

Feature 2
Pepper jam

So easy and tasty, you might use this recipe every weeek, for all of eternity

Feature 3
Brazilian style rice

Loose, moist with a hint of garlic

Feature 1
Tapioca crepe with cheese and pepper jam

Gluten free, easy and versatile

Feature 2
Banana Farofa

Brazil's most unique recipe

Feature 3
Dessert: Brigadeiro

Brazil's answer to chocolate fudge

The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of the human race than the discovery of a star.

- Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Brazilian culinary secrets: Yours to master and enjoy forever.

Just the cooking class

3.5h of kitchen fun (make picanha steak or fish moqueca)

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Class and Supermarket tour

Discover over 40 curious Brazilian food products, then take the Picanha or Moqueca class

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Private class with supermarket tour

Choose the menu and start time for your group's class.

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Cooking and eating food is a way of expressing the deepest human values, such as love, care, and respect for others.

- David Katz

We love to enchant!

"The supermarket trip was very informative and Chef Flavio extremely knowledgeable about all the ingredients. It was brilliant fun to get hands on with the cooking and the food was amazing."

Vicky M (read review here)

"Erica was brilliant, showing us and explaining about different Brazilian foods in the market. We enjoyed learning more about not only the food of the country but also getting an insight in Brazilian culture. Making our own caipirinhas with optional variations, having the choice between cooking steak or fish stew was brilliant, we chose the steak as we had the moqueca the day before. We left very happy with lots of new recipes and full tummies. A great way to spend an afternoon, we would highly recommend this."

Annelize L (read review here)

"This was a great time! Chef Alex and Vania were terrific! If you come to Brazil you MUST do this tour. Plenty of fun and plenty of instructions from the two of them."

Food is the door to other cultures. It's the most intimate way we connect with others and the world around us.

- Ferran Adria

Travel pros recommends us!

brazilian steak cooking class in rio de janeiro brazilian steak cooking class in rio de janeiro

2017 Edition of Lonely Planet, hence the outdated price.

Food is not just a means of sustenance; it is a celebration of life, a form of art, and an expression of love.

- Maya Angelou

We are top rated because customers love us!

brazilian steak cooking class in rio de janeiro

brazilian steak cooking class in rio de janeiro brazilian steak cooking class in rio de janeiro
brazilian steak cooking class in rio de janeiro brazilian steak cooking class in rio de janeiro

A country's cuisine is a window into its soul, reflecting its history, values, and worldview.

- Anthony Bourdain

Eating out is common.
Cooking in Rio is a memory.

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