Come experience the flavours of “Nature’s Candies” in a 2-hour fruit market tour.

South America is the origin of the biggest variety of fruits in the world.

Coconut, passion fruit, avocado, pineapple, cocoa, açaí, custard apple, star fruit, guava, cashew to name but a few…

There are literally hundreds of them and dozens are part of everyday Brazilian life, specially in or near the Amazon or the Cerrado (Brazilian Outback).

Join a Tropical Fruit-Tasting Tour at Farmer’s Market in Rio de Janeiro

Ideal for hardcore foodies.

You will cut open, smell, taste and drink various fruits.

Your fruit tasting guide will expand on their nutrional value,culinary uses and curiosities.

Fruits to expect (depending on season)

Our fruit market tour in Rio De Janeiro offers an exotic experience for your taste buds.

We love to enchant!

"Even thought it was drizzling, we really enjoyed our tour guide, Arnaldo was awesome! We learned some history about Rio and also learned about the culture. There were so many tasty fruits, many I've never seen or heard of let alone tasted! Even the fruits I've had before tasted better than I've had. Great fun to do! I also recommend the local empanada style snack and checking out the clothes and trinkets for sale."

Sarah K (read review here)

"Georg gave us a fantastic, friendly tour of the local market in English, explaining the fruits as we tasted them. The whole experience was so laid back and really gave a flavour of local life in Rio. It's very easy to walk through a market and not really know what is happening but after this tour, we will definitely be getting fruit and food from markets we come across. Georg was incredibly informative and we were greeted with nothing but kindness by the market stall sellers. We were able to taste many fruits (both that we had heard of and that we had not) and were able to take away the leftovers in a little tray for later. This tour has been one of the highlights of our trip to Rio and I would definitely do it again if I were in Rio again."

Rosie G (read review here)

"Cristiano gave us a great demonstration and tasting of the exotic fruits in the Farmer’s Market in Rio de Janeiro. He was very enthusiastic about his subject and explained where and how each fruit grew, and it’s uses. His standard of hygiene was impeccable and so we were more than happy to taste the delicious fruits."

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fruit tasting tour in rio de janeiro fruit tasting tour in rio de janeiro

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Food is not just a means of sustenance; it is a celebration of life, a form of art, and an expression of love.

- Maya Angelou

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fruit tasting tour in rio de janeiro

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Eating food together is a way of expressing the deepest human values, such as love, care, and respect for others.

- David Katz

Eating out is common.
Cooking in Rio is a memory.