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last night, we had a special celebration for carnival…
for starter, i made fois gras (cold) slices with warm guava jam and catupiri cheese……oooh!  decorated with little stars of guava paste.
we tried it with reque…?? cheese (i.e. romeo & juliet), but in a taste test, all the crew preferred the catupiri cheese with the guava & the fois gras…
the duck breast (marinated in papaya vinegar, olive oil, garlic & ginger & star anise seeds with some sugar to offset the vinegar) was served on a puree of batata baroa & glazed with lime & ginger marmalade. 
broccoli florets flanked the duck & puree, with a "confetti" of vegetables (tiny strips of purple cabbage, little squares of yellow pepper, little circles of red pepper & finely sliced green onions) at the top of the plate and a drizzle in the empty (bottom) space of thick indonesian soy sauce (just for effect) with a single star anise on top of the duck.
colorful for carnival!!
afterwards, we did a chocolate fountain with skewars of fresh, cold pineapple, mango, banana & papaya, also chunks of "bolo" cake of coconut & maracuja. 
thinking of you!!
xoxoxo jessica & the gang on seljm


Cristiano Lemos
Cook in Rio
Rua Ronald de Carvalho 154 suite 7, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro
+55 21 8761-3653
[email protected]

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  1. hallo!!!!

    when you are comming? lets look for a place to stay!
    Chef simone

    MUQUECA BAIANA (for 4 people)

    1 onion (rings)

    1 yellow pepper (rings)

    1 red pepper (rings)

    2 spoon of palm oil. Fried everything until it loose the natural color.

    200 ml of coconut milk


    White fish. About 150g per person (the fish has to be marinated 10 minutes befor..lime+salt+black pepper-cummim)

    Add some srimps if you want some different taste.

    Coriander. Cook it in low fire.




    1 big onion

    250g mandioca powder

    1/2 banana per person (add after the fire is off)





    Garlic (light brown)

    washed rice (frie together garlic)

    Add water


    Caipirinha de limão


    1 lime per person(small)

    2 spons of suggar(bar spon)


    1 shot of cachaça

    Clean the white part of lime(butt+head+midlle)

    squizze with suggar

    put a lot of ice

    and cachaça. Need to be on glass(scott glass)



     Chicken (black peper+cumin+salt+ red vinager)

    Meat ((black peper+cumin+salt+ red vinager+ red wine)

    Pork ((black peper+cumin+salt+ white vinager+white wine)


    Batida de coco with passion fruit

    1/2 shot of cachaça

    1/2 shot of coconut milk

    1 bar spon of suggar

    passion fruit(about your taste)

    Shake very welll with ice



    FEIJOADA for 6 people

    ½  kg Black beans

    4 Bay leaves

    1 Orange

    1 dose cachaça

    200g a person of the meat mix (Salt meat of pork: noise or feet+ribes+bacon+sausage) etc… all kind that you can find.

    1 . take the salt out from the meat

    2. let the beans in the water all night and use next day for cook

    3 put everything together and let cook in a low fire until it getting soft(close pot)

    4 Make the smell and add in the pot and leave it cooking for 15 minutes (1 big onion +1 garlic (1 head)

    On Sun, Aug 11, 2013 at 10:18 PM, Cook In Rio <[email protected]> wrote:

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Kathryn Maunders

    Dear Simone,

    Thank you again for such a wonderful day last tuesday – I think your cooking school experience was the highlight of my short trip to Rio!  Everyone I meet is very impressed I learnt to cook Farofa and Moqueca, and to mix the perfect Capirina.

    I hope we can stay in touch, I really enjoyed meeting you!
    All best and speak soon,


    Cristiano Lemos
    Cook in Rio
    Rua do Rosario 36, Centro, Rio de Janeiro
    +55 21 8761-3653
    [email protected]

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