for simone

last night, we had a special celebration for carnival…
for starter, i made fois gras (cold) slices with warm guava jam and catupiri cheese……oooh!  decorated with little stars of guava paste.
we tried it with reque…?? cheese (i.e. romeo & juliet), but in a taste test, all the crew preferred the catupiri cheese with the guava & the fois gras…
the duck breast (marinated in papaya vinegar, olive oil, garlic & ginger & star anise seeds with some sugar to offset the vinegar) was served on a puree of batata baroa & glazed with lime & ginger marmalade. 
broccoli florets flanked the duck & puree, with a "confetti" of vegetables (tiny strips of purple cabbage, little squares of yellow pepper, little circles of red pepper & finely sliced green onions) at the top of the plate and a drizzle in the empty (bottom) space of thick indonesian soy sauce (just for effect) with a single star anise on top of the duck.
colorful for carnival!!
afterwards, we did a chocolate fountain with skewars of fresh, cold pineapple, mango, banana & papaya, also chunks of "bolo" cake of coconut & maracuja. 
thinking of you!!
xoxoxo jessica & the gang on seljm


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Picture of cooking class

Thanks for a great cooking class last week!